E. S. Soon | 7 Common Pitfalls of eLearning

7 Common Pitfalls of eLearning

Let’s face it. eLearning may not be the trendiest thing most of us would speak to our senior executives about. They are there somewhere in our enterprise system and we are not sure how they fit into the grander scheme of employee development. Many learning specialists also conveniently “park” eLearning as part of some form of “blended learning” structure. Convenient because it fits nicely into a blended structure but it may not really have a key role to play.

Most would be brave enough to admit their eLearning systems are sitting there collecting dust. But, it’s not all lost. Attendance for some mandatory training that people have no choice but to sign up for, is a better business case. eLearning does take away some pain from the management team by replacing some mundane and repetitive training topics that used to happen through an instructor-led training. For that, the usage rate probably justifies the investments.

In most cases, it’s an investment into a black hole. The excitement dies as soon as the system goes live. Here’s my findings from speaking with many of our clients.

7 Common Pitfalls of eLearning

1.    The modules are basically glorified Powerpoint slides.

2.    The system was put in place to replace some of the mundane and repetitive classroom training that nobody wanted to facilitate anymore.

3.    Bought with off-the-shelf content that have little relevance to the company or lack of interesting contents to motivate people to log on to the system.

4.    Lack of engagement mechanics (either top-down or peer-to-peer) to drive traffic to the system.

5.    It’s taken over the role of “mandatory” or “compulsory” training. The assumption is people have no choice but to use the system.

6.    Lack of interactivity, social, and feedback features to engage the learners.

7.    Learners can only log in from the company’s enterprise system or Intranet hence limiting usage outside of work hours.

The list above is far from being exhaustive. The good news is, some of the newer generation of eLearning platforms are creating true breakthroughs in participation rate, engagement, and even driving business results.

Axonify is one of those next generation eLearning platform that is breaking all the rules in traditional eLearning design. Leveraging brain science, adaptive learning, game mechanics, and key adult learning concepts, Axonify has been proven to help corporations increase sales, improve customer service, and reduce workplace accidents.


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