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Recession-Proof Your Career

“If you put yourself in the shoes of senior management, between two types of resources, one that could generate new meanings to the company, the other just drift along and have stopped learning, which would you rather keep?” Economic downturns pose financial stress for companies and of late we have been revisited by management jargon […]


Coaching For Balance

The topic of “balance” often arises in a coaching conversation. It could be about the desire to achieve work/life balance; strike a balance in practicing directive and participative leadership; achieve equilibrium in quantity vs. quality; and the list goes on. Why do people worry about not having a balance? I’ve come across many reasons during […]


Conversations on High Potential #2 – Learning Agility

I have seen high performers who have gone from zero to hero, and then to zero again, in a pretty rapid fashion, all because of the lack of learning agility. They made a one-off runway success and continued to harp on the past without moving on to tackle the new situations with their capability. Previously […]


Conversations on High Potential #1 – Learning Agility

This series captures many of the conversations I’ve had with managers and employees on the topic of high potential or key talent. Talent management has created a lot of buzz in the last few decades, but to a large extent, most ordinary employees remained pretty oblivious about what goes into it and why it matters […]


Making A Successful Leadership Transition

You have been performing well and were given a promotion. This is certainly a cause for celebration. The promotion comes with something exhilarating yet worrisome thoughts – managing and leading others. Perhaps you have chalked up an indisputable track record as the best sales representative, or trader, or researcher, or financial controller (fill in the […]


5 Things To Do Being The Youngest Manager At The Table

Young managers can make their youth work for them When I was a boy, my family lived in an apartment some shops. Every day after school, I did not have much of an opportunity to mix with children my age. Instead, I spent time with the shop owners and employees working below us who were […]